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CD Album

Products a double CD with music from four centuries. The following composers are represented:
Bach - Lute suite e minor
Frank Martin - Quatre Pieces Breves
Paganini - Grand Sonata
Olov Franzén - Piece for Guitar
Sundt - 6 pieces
Hans Eklund - 5 pezzi
ABBA - Waterloo
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120,00 kr(VAT incl.)
The content is 15 of ABBA's hit songs gathered in their album ABBA GOLD. Now in a new robe for the 10-string guitar.
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100,00 kr(VAT incl.)
Full ABBA GOLD album transcribed for classical guitar.
"To be original, one need not always to break new musical ground. A perhaps more difficult art is to be original with familiar means. ABBA mastered the art. Their original melodies and well-made arrangements are not easy to do justice on a lone guitar. I hope that I to some extent have succeeded. "
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80,00 kr(VAT incl.)
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