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For 10 string guitar:

Johann Sebastian Bach's wonderful suites for cello solo are a rich source to draw from. Here is the second cello suite, BWV 1008, arranged for 10-string guitar. It is seldom played on guitar because it does not usually fit in sound in the original key or in other keys on the guitar. On ten-string guitar, on the other hand, it comes into its own. In addition, with the polyphony suggested by Bach (in his way of composing broken lines) fully interpreted.

For guitar duo:

Johann Sebastian Bach's concise counterpoint is always a source of wonder and joy of playing. Here are all two-part inventions, arranged for two guitars, both of which play in sounding octave and key. This means that guitar 1 should have 20 frets and guitar 2 may make some adjustments of string 6, all the way down to B.
A pleasing news!
The ABBA transcriptions are here again!
Now, the book with my ABBA transcriptions has been released again having been out of print for some time.

Take care to order!

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