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For 10 string guitar:

The small prelude that most people usually play in D minor on guitar, was written down by Johann Kellner around 1730 and was said to have been written for lute by J S Bach in the key in C minor. Here it is in the original key for 10-string guitar.

For guitar trio:

These Sinfonias also usually call 3-part inventions and have the same number and keys as the 2-part. They are also small gold nuggets of imagination and densification.
Here are all the Sinfonias, arranged for three guitars, all of which play in sounding octave and key. This means that guitar 1 should have 20 bands and guitar 3 may make some adjustments of string 6, all the way down to H.
A pleasing news!
The ABBA transcriptions are here again!
Now, the book with my ABBA transcriptions has been released again having been out of print for some time.

Take care to order!

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